I am no longer gainfully employed – a conscious decision recently made both by me and Kaspar. I used to be a Collections Assistant/Database Manager/Archivist of sorts. I would organize and categorize things, making them fully searchable and accessible to all. I am a behind the scenes type. Leave me in a pile of archival materials – prints, transparencies, ephemera of all nature and I am happy. A self proclaimed Luddite, I love to page through an old book, or scan through an old newspaper on microfiche. Always learning and looking, perhaps for a great untold story, or information that doesn’t really matter but I yearn to retain. Who knows why, but for me it is the little things that I remember, the useless factoids of the past.

All this I have just told you about myself also greatly contradicts my other love – being outside and doing stuff. Doing anything outside really…eating a meal, taking a walk, climbing rocks, collecting rocks, staring at the ocean. You name it I probably prefer to do it outside. And now, after so many years of being inside and tidying information, I get to travel outside with my husband. I’m pretty psyched.  


I am trained as a product designer, but my interests extend to graphics, textiles, silkscreen, animation and any technique that can be used to realize a unique vision. After working for Fossil in Dallas as a Creative Director until 2017 my wife Ali and I hit the road. We have been to over 30 countries, continuing to travel and work on a variety of projects and artist residencies.

We love interacting with new people, gaining additional perspective and continue to seek our next project, partnership, residency or work opportunity. You can see some of our past travels and projects on the BLOG or see the types of projects we can tackle on the PORTFOLIO page or the MURAL DESIGN page.