Welcome to Oregon
topography drawing
picnic at Harris Beach
Harris Beach
Coolest driftwood fort at Harris Beach
Highest bridge in OR at 345 feet. Note: tallest tree is 363 feet.
Looking north from Arch Rock
Ali looking at Arch Rock
Dinner at Humbug State Park - Steamers and wild Oregon Shrimp
Sunset at Humbug Beach
The nighttime entertainment
Oregon Dunes
making our way to Hobbit Beach
The infamous Hobbit Beach
The hobbit campsite
which tunnel do you choose?
can't get enough of the Oregon coast
It's be raining for about a week now. Walking at Honeyman Beach
Rock Creek Beach
Ocean at Rock Creek Beach
Looking north along the coast
Rock Creek campsite
Steak - it's what's for dinner
Morning reading spot
Morning reading spot view
Pirates Cove - exploring the coast
Newport Harbor
Agatha - she's a rockstar.
Leftovers at Nehalem State Park
Got a huge cinnamon bun here (not pictures because i ate it...)
Cannon Beach!
View from Ecola looking South at Cannon Beach
Just your adverage camping breakfast set up.
Kicking back and relaxing in the fiesta.
Checking out Sunset Beach
blue rocks drawing
Fort Clatsop at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
Columbia River view from Astoria
Seals sunning Astoria
fishing boats in Astoria
Checking out the roses in Portland at Washington Park in Portland
checking our more roses at Penisula Park in Portland
The - Why are you taking sooo many photos?? pose.
Shirt matches roses
Lavender glazed donut at Coco Dunut
so far the ultimate donut was had at Blue Star
Yes, some adventure please.
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