Coastal Life: Oregon Edition [#8]

by Ali Filippelli - posted from home in Amagansett

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Welcome to Oregon..."Goonies never say die!"

Ok, so obviously we are not in Oregon anymore, we got a little sidetracked the past few much to see, people to catch up with, but we did take lots of photos. It'll be hard to sum up this leg of our journey. Thinking back I just remember how green it was and how the beach landscapes were constantly shifting, rocky, then woody, then ones scattered with drift wood huts...The days kept getting longer and the sunsets more amazing. Each day I was like "ok this is the coolest" and when I realized I was saying that on repeat, I gave up and just had a perpetual goofy grin. So for fear of basically writing below "here is the coolest beach" "here is the coolest bridge" "here is the coolest..." I'll pull some excerpts out of our journal from our time spent along the Oregon coast. I've edited them slightly - because how many times do you need to hear, 'bought coffee and pastries', 'bought stickers for the car', 'bought postcards', 'bought donuts' least we'll know what we spent our money on...

June 5 2017 - Mon. "...then we hit the Oregon border and stocked up on Johnny's Tonic and Lemon Sour Diesel. Found a beach 'Harris Beach' with a driftwood fort. Stopped to see highest bridge in OR 345ft (note tallest tree is 363). Went to Arch Rock lookout, Ali got on my shoulders to take pictures....Stopped in Gold Beach for steamer clams, wild mini oregon shrimp, ice cream and Ali got butter and honey from a waitress at restaurant...At Humbug State Park (one of our favorites) Ali set about making linguini with steamers and shrimp. The break looked blown out but like it might improve in the morning. We had the prosecco with dinner + watched the sun set."


June 6 2017, TUES. "I went surfing and although to waves looked good my feet froze and I hobbled back to the campsite - Ali stuck her head out of the tent and looked at me. I hobbled to the bathrooms to take a HOT shower...drove along 101 and checked out the Oregon dunes. Made it to Hobbit Beach, where we saw a real Hobbit on our way down! Showed Ali the campsites - it's been probably 16 years since I camped here, I've been telling her about this spot when we started dating in 2006...settled in for the night at Rock Creek Campground. I made ribeye for dinner. Used wild fennel that Ali picked. Ali found a nice reading spot on the river next to our site."


June 7 2017, WED. "Drove up the coast and had coffee in Newport by the marina, stopped at 'Pirate's Cove' to watch the waves, through Tillamook, stopped for ice cream, a sticker and to taste the squeaky cheese. Stopped at Pendelton outlet - it was too wet to do anything outside. I bought a cool wool shirt. Ali spent awhile picking out a blanket - she has a tough time when there are too many options..."

June 8 2017, THURS. "Drove to Cannon Beach, Ali kept saying 'Goonies Never Say Die!' "

June 9 2017, FRI. "It was still real wet when got up...but we were headed to stay with a friend in Portland, so Ali was happy about that. Drove to Lewis + Clark Natl Park for some history and saw Fort Clatsop. L + C didn't know they'd reached the coast until they walked the 7 miles along the river to the beach and saw a whale carcass. Watched barges set anchor in the Columbia River from Baked Alaska in Astoria. Ali had a Cardamom cocktail made with Aquavit - apparently there is a big Swedish population in Astoria...Drove by Goonie's house, there is a sign that says 'Do not walk or drive up to take photo of Goonie house' ..oops."

June 10 2017, SAT. - "Got up and went to Coco Donut for lavender glaze, chocolate espresso bean, buttermilk maple bar...walked around Washington Park and stopped at the Japanese gardens"

June 11, 2017, SUN. -"Said goodbye with a stop off @ Blue Star donuts, apple cider fritter and negroni orange glazed! 'keep calm and eat donuts'...Also checked out Peninsula Park. Ali loves roses - she smelled them all."

NEXT TIME on Mt. Margaret : June 12 2017, MON. "Awoke in the fog. Any plan to go for a hike had to be reconsidered as visibility was only 30ft..."